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Talent Track

Talent Track is a unique programme designed by Naipunnya International to develop the multi-faceted talents of students and youth irrespective of caste, creed and economic status. Naipunnya International, an established name in the fields of Recruitments and Critical Competency training since 2002, strongly believes that it can mould the students into talented and competent individuals by grooming them when they are young and giving proper financial support for high caliber poor students. Naipunnya International also believes that such programmes will help to prevent much of the social problems. These factors resulted in designing Talent Track by Naipunnya International to enable the students and youth to become better by aligning career aspirations and personal capability.


   To establish Talent Clubs in different villages / parishes
   To avail Educational Sponsorship for high caliber poor students.
   To develop the Critical Competencies of Talent Club members
   To provide Career Counselling for Talent Club members.
   To provide value and ethics formation to Talent Club members
   Be a Navigator in the fields of Education, Career Development and Talent Management.


Most of the students are not provided with proper career guidance and are not aware of the job opportunities available through different fields of education.


Many of the students just pursue the line of studies undertaken by their neighbors and friends, instead of looking into their aptitude and capability.


Naipunnya International aims to groom the students from the school level itself and help them select and prepare for a career according to their aptitude and interests.


The poor and efficient children need financial and other support in their education, so that later they will provide valuable service to the building of the Nation and Humanity.


The youth need training pertaining to new professional avenues, which otherwise they do not get in an academic formation.


The value system of every student has to be formed along with his / her academic formation


Naipunnya International is a Not-for-Profit organization set-up by the Archdiocese of Ernakulam-Angamaly. It is an emerging Placement and Talent Management Consultancy. We successfully bridge the employment gap by bringing together the best candidates, clients and the opportunities. The term 'Naipunnya' means Talent, Expertise, Eminent Ability etc.

Adoption Sponsorship

This type of sponsoring is recommended for sponsors who feel that they can continue this sponsorship for the child at least for a few years or till the completion of professional education. Here a family or an individual adopts one student at an early age of education. The sponsor can send a fixed amount of money for the student on a monthly basis to the specified Bank account. This will be disbursed as needed for the education of the student and the balance (if any) will be kept reserved for the future professional studies of the child.

General Sponsorship

This type of sponsorship is opted by those who feel that they may be able to support for the time being but are not certain about the future continuity. A sponsor can send an amount as per his/her wish. This would be utilized for the general training programmes conducted for the financially weak. It will also be utilized for the partial educational assistance for students who have not got an adoption sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporates or other organizations can also be a part of Talent Track and can donate an amount annually specifying their intentions in the talent grooming process. It can be assistance for a specified number of students or for a number of training programmes as mutually agreed by the sponsor organization and Naipunnya International

Training Sponsorship

Talent Track makes the Talent Club members competent, through its training programmes like: - Personality Development, Communication & Presentation, Other Soft Skills Training, Interview Techniques, Group Discussion Techniques etc.
Naipunnya International will provide these training programmes to the Talent Club members at a subsidized rate. These training programmes will be conducted either at NI Campus or at the premises of the respective Talent Clubs.

Self Employment Assistance

Each student has his/her own tastes and capabilities. There will be students who would like to start some business of their own. These capabilities and aptitudes can be identified during the period of association with the Talent Clubs.
An entrepreneurial individual should be encouraged to start something of his own and provide employment for others. Talent Track will assist such candidates to start the business initially and hand hold them. As and when there is availability of fund, we would even financially assist them for the entrepreneurial venture.


  • Career Planning

    The Members of Talent Clubs will get important and critical information about their career planning from the Talent Clubs.

  • Career Training

    Every member of Talent Clubs will be going through a value formation system along with the career training.

  • Educational Sponsorship

    Both Individuals and Corporates get a very good chance to be part of a Noble Venture, through Talent Track's Educational Sponsorship Program

  • Critical Competency Training

    Members of Talent Clubs get Critical Competency Training from the Professionals in the field.

  • Societal Values

    Each member gets motivated in his/her studies, and gets committed to societal values


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